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Enjoy A Free Game On The House
Enjoy A Free Game On The House
The House of Craps is open and ready to serve. Enjoy a free game, pick up some tips, or learn the game from scratch. It's all on the house!

Craps rules

House Of Craps can take you through the game without too much confusion. If you want to learn craps rules properly, it's best to learn a bit at a time. You want to learn about what the 'session' is, who the 'shooter' is, and what the 'point number' is to start out.

From there, learn the pass line bet and the rules that govern it. The craps session is a cycle that is based around the pass line bet. There are many craps rules that relate back to the shooter's session, the point number associated with that session, and the rolls of the shooter. To learn about the dealers at the craps table and what they all do, read our casino craps page - to learn about the cycle of the game and that ever important pass line bet, read on.

Learning craps rules is a process of learning about each bet on the table, when and where you can make them, and which ones are smart bets. The rules are more about not doing anything you can't. This, of course, depends on if you happen to be playing online craps or casino craps. Playing online the rules of the game are fairly well defined by the software in front of you. You can't place a bet in the wrong spot because the software wont let you. You can, however, place a bet you didn't intend to. Lots of bets on an online craps board are very close together, and when you make a bet and miss where you intended, they will just place a different bet for you. In most cases you have to hover your mouse over the bet for it to tell you what was placed.

Learning craps rules in an actual casino has to do with the bets and everything we have mentioned, but it also has to do with your etiquette at the table, in other words, how you act. Our casino craps page goes over some yeahs and neahs at the craps table, where sadly, superstitions rule.
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